Future Sports Ecosystem for movement analysis (SCAPE-IF)

The Issue

When performing physical exercises, it is difficult to evaluate if the activities are performed properly. This can lead to less efficient exercise, serious injuries, and health deterioration. Less efficient exercise means that improvements will be seen over a longer period of time than necessary, or no improvement will be seen at all, meaning that a person can lose their motivation for performing physical activities.

Injuries in sports seem to be common. A Mayo Clinic Proceeding study indicates that during HIIT classes, 2 out of 5 practitioners will hurt themselves within the following month. Dance companies have reported that up to 95% of their dancers are injured on an annual basis and a staggering 93% of all dance teachers were forced into that position after a career-ending injury.

When Covid-19 hit, the whole world got shattered and the need for isolation and safety measures significantly increased. Gyms and studios got closed, trainers and teachers needed to adapt and swift from teaching face-to-face to training online, miscommunication between them and the client increased whilst motivation – decreased.


The Solution

Even if the past two years have been heart-breaking and devastating, these calamities have brought us a tremendous advancement in medicine, technology, and changed behavior. Covid has accelerated the adoption of a hybrid model of online and in-person workouts. Nearly half expect to go back to their previous routines and add pre-recorded videos or live streaming fitness workouts.

While there are thousands of fitness apps to choose from, there is not a single solution that provides a unified platform for trainers to deeply understand their client’s performance and for sport practitioners to learn new skills safely and more productively.

Our Product

We are developing the world’s first smart wearable ecosystem – an interactive activity app that, paired with smart wearables and machine learning, is able to track body movements and progress, analyze data and give solid feedback on how the activity is performed.

The ecosystem works both ways:

A sports practitioner, using our solution chooses the activities she wants to learn and follows virtual assistance to receive live feedback and track progress, enabling the freedom of choice where and when to work out safely with or without the expert’s presence.

Trainers or physiotherapists, using our solution, create relevant workouts, train their clients on the spot or remotely and, by analyzing recorded data, better understand their clients’ progress and performance.




Solution Audience


Sports trainers and teachers

Sports companies

Key Solution Components

Android and iOS mobile app for movement analysis and data visualization

18 con-size sensors

Accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope sensors fusion

Data transmitted via Bluetooth low energy protocol to the app

scape-if app and clothing

Contact Information

Kristina Olsevska

Commercialization Expert

+371 26099239


Contact Information

Arnis Ermuss

Commercialization Expert

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