The Issue

Material limitations, design and construction practices, and severe exposure conditions can cause concrete to deteriorate, which may result in aesthetic, functional, or structural problems. Therefore, to eliminate the possible damage and even collapse of the construction that is due to poorly poured concrete, it is essential to monitor concrete quality continually, especially within the first year of pouring.

One can say that to build a modern concrete structure you have to juggle between high cost and high mechanical requirements, thus insufficient information about the actual condition of the building or falsely made assumptions due to the lack of data can result in loss of property and even life.

The Solution

To align the actual strength or any other mechanical features of concrete structures with the theory, the manufacturing process must take place under controlled conditions.

However, the control of these conditions is complicated, because the situation is unique at each construction site, and the impact of unforeseen factors constantly increases.

Equipping buildings with a multi-node sensor solves this problem. In a near future, a mandatory structural health monitoring (SHM) system will be a requirement worldwide.

SHM (structural health monitoring) is a paradigm in which the condition of an entire building is assessed from the time of construction up to the end of its existence, obtaining as much different data as possible, and using them in both deterministic and heuristic analyzes.

Our Product

The wireless sensor network is one of the main tools in the SHM process in order to monitor industrial construction conditions and fresh concrete curing process.

Our solution provides a wireless sensor network with multiple nodes, with a 3x vibrating wire sensor, ( x-y-z axis) along with a temperature and humidity sensor. It allows versatile concrete curing data acquisition, measure concrete deformation. Lack of water also causes the concrete to shrink. This will lead to tensile stresses within the concrete and surface cracking may occur, especially if the stresses develop before the concrete attains adequate tensile strength.

The IoT solution will help to select an appropriate curing process, to monitor temperature during hydration in order to prevent moisture loss, and to monitor concrete strength.



Solution Audience

Public and Private Construction Companies

Key Solution Components

Humidity and Temperature Sensors

Wireless Communication

Mobile or PC App

LTE Communication with Servers

One Gateway for 256 Sensor System

Wireless Communication Data Acquisition


Contact Information

Egils Berins

Commercialization Expert

+371 26936323